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At Restore by Thor, we understand how special a memorial can be for your family. We are dedicated to ensuring that the memorial commemorates your loved one for years to come. Contact our office to speak with us about enhancing or engraving your loved one’s headstone.

A Monument stands as a tribute to those we love, long into the future. And we all want to ensure that those monuments have a finalized inscription and continue to be the clean, pristine tributes that they were intended to be. Weather, grime, hard water, trees, birds and many other natural elements can interfere with the beauty of a monument over the years.


Thor Provides On-Site Cemetery Monument and Memorial Lettering and Engraving Services

We Service all Local Cemeteries, Family Plots, Historic Burying Grounds, and Other Places of Honor.  

Thor frequently places inscriptions and engravings on military and civilian headstones, family gravestones, family mausoleums, veterans grave markers and granite memorials that have already been installed.  It does not matter if we built the monument or another monument company designed the monument. 

We offer expert on-site cemetery lettering for the addition of names, dates and endearments to existing monuments. We specialize at copying the matching engraving style, alphabet, font and letter sizes in use on the monument and can engrave ANY LANGUAGE (Arabic, Braille, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese)  The letterings’ style, size and spacing are evaluated and matched for all inscription work.  

Minor design work may also be added on-site. If you are looking to add or modify any design to an existing monument, discuss with us your vision and we will offer solutions.  In most cases, we don’t even have to remove the monument from the ground, base or foundation.

The work we do is performed by hand using basic engraving and stenciling tools and equipment. 

Most of the cemetery engraving and restoration work is performed on granite monuments although we occasionally work with older monuments made from marble and sandstone during cemetery restoration projects.
We ALSO engrave on existing Dedication walls, Pavers, Bricks, Boulders, Benches, Signs, and Floors. You may even find us in residential communities to perform on-site engraving for house numbers and landscape stones.

Licensed * Bonded * Insured.
We can be trusted with any size job.
Past projects include:
Veterans Memorials, City Halls, Police Stations/Fire Departments, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Churches, Businesses, Civic & Social Organizations, Public & Private Buildings, Amusement Parks, Zoos and Homes.


We NEVER use harsh chemicals on any stones.

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Any cleaning or repairs will be done in the correct manner to stop the damage or erosion from continuing and to not cause further harm. In proper cleaning and repainting will result in letters that peal.

Monument & Bronze Refurbishing We specialize in refurbishing and restoring your memorial to its original beautiful self. In most cases

we can remove the effects of Mother Nature, regardless of the age of your monument.
The following images illustrate the dramatic effect of refurbishment.

The granite memorial you have purchased is a combination of the finest natural materials and modern craftsmanship. However, like any material exposed to the elements some maintenance is recommended. Headstones are exposed to airborne pollution, chemical residues from fertilizer and weed killers, and especially mineral deposits from water. Never use waxes or polishes on the granite. Any window-cleaning agent, such as Windex, will bring up the natural luster by cleaning the surface of the stone. Never use anything abrasive. It is a good idea to clean your tombstone on a regular basis. We recommend white vinegar and water (bring your own water from home if possible) Often the water deposits that build up on the stones in our California cemeteries is too difficult to remove on your own. We recommend leaving these tougher cleaning jobs to our professional stone craftsmen. We will gladly furnish you with a price to clean and restore lawn gravestones and upright monuments in local cemeteries. Once the memorial is brought back to its original beauty it will be much easier for YOU to continue to take care of it yourself. Thoroughly cleaning the monument is the first step toward a restored appearance. Going about this process the wrong way can result in a damaged headstone. Many common cleaning agents can chemically erode and wear away a memorial further. Leaving this monument cleaning process to professionals ensures the job is done correctly and that the monument will last. As a full-service monument design company, our staff is capable of performing all engraving, restoration and repairs on site. We take pride in our specialized ability to restore your monuments without removing them, and disrupting the burial site.
Call 562-697-5251 for prices for on-site cemetery monument engraving services and Restoration and Cleaning services. 1) There is no obligation as we gather information. 2) You receive a free quote based on your input, and our photos and measurements from the existing stone monument. 3) Once our quote is accepted, we guarantee accuracy and satisfaction.
The greatest compliment we receive is when a family thought they had to replace the marker only to find out that it just needed our love and care to look virtually brand new again. We are always happy to email before and after photographs for your records and to show family members.